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What to look for when buying a tractor

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There are many uses for tractors. They can be used to cut the grass, level fields, dig foundations and even clear landslides. A quality tractor will save you valuable time as well as making tasks a lot easier. Whatever you need a tractor for, there are many options to choose from, like at a massey ferguson tractors sale, each with their own advantages and specialities. It can be an overwhelming process trying to identify which tractor is best suited to your needs. Here is some advice to keep in mind when looking for the perfect tractor.

Style and size

The initial step to take is to choose what size and style tractor you need. You need to know exactly what you will be using the tractor for and what the size of the job will be. A tractor used on a large construction site will be a different size to one that is used in your back garden.

There are a few types of tractors that are commonly seen. Standard tractors possess a wide axle for the front wheels and contain a low centre of gravity in order to be used effectively in heavy field applications like ploughing. Row crop tractors are used in the cultivation of crops that are laid out in rows and have tread width that is adjustable. Utility tractors have a smaller turn radius and are normally used for a variety of functions on a smaller farm. High crop tractors are used in the cultivation of high crops such as cotton. Garden tractors are used for everyday chores such as cutting the grass and are relatively inexpensive as well as being easy to use.


You cannot determine a tractor's power simply by its size. A tractor that is small but has high horsepower can perform much better than a large tractor with lower horsepower. Higher horsepower will be needed for more intensive tasks and regular use. It is normally a good rule of thumb to invest in a tractor that has a slightly stronger horsepower than required in order to always have the necessary power without straining the machine. This leads to a longer life. There are now green friendly tractors on the market which are often more powerful and efficient than older models.


You want to have a tractor that is comfortable to use, especially if you will be using it regularly for long lengths of time. The seat should be adjustable and have an operator platform that is open in order to allow the operator to move around and provide enough support. The floors should be stable and shock absorbent in order to reduce vibrations. Cabs that are enclosed will help protect the operator from poor weather conditions.