Foraging and Farming: Balancing Native, Wild Plants and Agriculture

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Understanding Pesticide Residue: What You Need to Know

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When you pick up a fresh piece of produce from your local grocery store, you may assume that it’s free from any harmful chemicals. However, many fruits and vegetables that are consumed are often exposed to pesticides to keep them healthy and pest-free while they grow. Pesticides are chemicals used to kill or control pests, weeds, or diseases. While these chemicals are useful in protecting crops, there’s always a risk that pesticide residue may remain on the produce. Read More»

What are the Different Varieties of Wheat in Australia?

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Australia is well known for its abundance of wheat, with most varieties used for baking bread, pastries and other baked goods. In fact, it’s estimated that Australia produces over 25 million tonnes of wheat each year. You may be particularly interested in wheat if you plan to launch a new food product or introduce additional options in your hospitality chain. So, what types of wheat are available in Australia and what are some of the most popular varieties? Read More»